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1st Generation Success



Brittany Collins-Hampston is a Ph.D. candidate at Texas A&M University in the class of 2013. She is also a native of Dayton, OH, alum of Stivers School for the Arts and two time alum of the University of Cincinnati. Brittany’s newest accomplishment is being the distinguished author of the self-published, informative book: “From First Generation College Student to First Generation Graduate”.

When talking with Brittany about her inspiration for writing the book, her passion for the topic was very clear. Collins-Hampston asserted that her inspiration came from the personal experiences of her and some of her colleagues. In writing her work, which she began five years ago upon graduation from the University of Cincinnati, the journey of the her writings was a nostalgic l look back into her early college career. The book was a reflection of the things that she did correctly, along with the things that she did wrong but saw others around her doing correctly. Collins–Hampston stated that she had her fair share of both experiences during her time. Being a first generation student herself there wasn’t the same type guidance and forewarning of the struggles and temptations of college life from her parents as those who parents had been to college. Some of the issues that appear small but can shape your experience such as choosing a roommate, study habits, and properly writing an email.

Hence the birth of “From First Generation College Student to First Generation Graduate”! The goal that Collins-Hampston has set forth is to be able to encourage and mentor the upcoming classes of 1st generation students in a way she didn’t have available to herself. When speaking of the creation of the book and talking of struggles, one of the largest struggles was gaining interest from a publishing house. This is what pushed Collins-Hampston to self-publish. Collins-Hampston expressed that she initially thought she would send it to some large publishing house and they would love the book and from there she would become a best-seller. She soon realized that it doesn’t really happen that easily or often for everyday people and began to send her work to everyone from Tavis Smiley to anyone whose name was on the back of the book. After all these efforts failed, she spoke with a friend earlier this year who encouraged her to self-publish.

In addition to her writings she is also starting a book scholarship. For every 1000 books sold she will be giving a gifted student a four year $250 book scholarship to relieve the student of one potential burden. In speaking of goals, Collins-Hampston did express that in the case this initial venture become a success, she would enjoy the opportunity to go into public/ motivational speaking. Possibly even continued writing to expand upon the topic of success for college students and especially first generation students.

Wishing Brittany continued success in her educational venture and much success with “From First Generation College Student to First Generation Graduate” that is NOW AVAILABLE.

For more information on contacting Brittany and purchasing her book you can find her at Brittany Collins-Hampston and First Generation College Student to First Generation Graduate!

Website: Gen1Grad.com