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5 Hair Tools Every Natural Should Have


Every natural should have the following hair tools in their arsenal of hair supplies. These are tried-and-true classics that will not only make hair time easier but also improve the health of your hair.

Spray Bottle


A spray  bottle or two helps keep your hair moisturized. One bottle could be dedicated to special spritzes and the other just for water. I use mine almost daily.




Shower Cap


Shower caps are the perfect accessory for deep conditioning, making them a must-have in your toolbox. Anytime you apply a deep conditioner, you should cover the hair for at least 30 minutes with a shower cap to keep in the moisture.



Hair Bands

Hair bands are not only for styling but also helps you section your hair which makes distributing product that much easier. I like to do my hair in quarter sections. Detangling, Shampooing, Deep conditioning…I always section my hair and I’m always in the need for more hair bands.



Satin Pillowcase/Scarf


For the lazy carefree natural, I recommend a satin pillowcase so you can sleep free and unencumbered but I’d still have at least two scarfs in for traveling or laundry day. I like the one where it is shaped to hold longer hair because it’s comfortable and holds all sorts of styles.




Applicator Bottle


Applicator bottles are great for targeting the scalp. I would use this for Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses (1 TB + 1 C water). It’s also great for oil treatments.

Bee Ramsey

Bee Ramsey is the owner of Puff Apothecary, a natural hair and beauty boutique located at 37 S Saint Clair St. Dayton, OH. Puff Apothecary exclusively sells natural hair and skin care products from Black owned businesses. Visit www.puffapothecary.com of more information and hours. Bee can be reached at ramsey@puffapothecary.com.

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