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5 Minutes with Norris Cole


Dayton born & raised! Product of Dayton Public Schools. Holds a Bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University. 1st round draft pick! NBA Rookie! Member of the 2012 World Champion Miami Heat. By now you know that we are talking about the focused and talented Norris Cole. Norris granted us a quick interview during his basketball camp in his hometown of Dayton, OH.

Ambition Magazine: When going to Cleveland State did you plan on going all 4 years?
Norris Cole: I had planned on it! My goal was to attend for all 4 years and obtain my degree. I also wanted to maximize my talent for basketball, I was on a basketball scholarship and I did want to play professionally.
AM: Upon graduating what was the deciding factor for you to enter into the draft?
NC: I received good feedback from scouts. I got invited to the NBA combine, which is for like the top 52 draft prospects. I got invited to the Deron Williams camp that is for the top 10 point guards.
AM: How did you feel about your Rookie year?
NC: I enjoyed it, we won a championship. I got the chance to play in the Rookie/ Sophomore All-Star game. Overall I feel I had a good year and I feel I have the ability to be a good player in the league.
AM: Is giving back with things such as your camp a large part of your plan for your career?
NC: I always want to give back to my community. Dayton helped to get me where I am. I want to inspire other young people to accomplish their dreams.
AM: Is Dayton the only place that you are holding a camp this year?
NC: I am also doing one in Cleveland, where I went to school.
AM: Do you feel that there is a difference in maturity with staying in school 4 years/ graduating versus doing 1 year and going straight into the draft?
NC: Each player is different. Four years was definitely an advantage. To be able to get my degree and I know that when I am finish playing basketball or not able to play anymore I have a degree and I can have a professional job outside of basketball. Being older you know what to do and what to look for. Sometimes when you get those paychecks and that attention, when you are younger you might not know how to handle it.
AM: What are some of your goals in terms of building your brand?
NC: Continue to do more camps. I’m always going to have one here but I would like to go nationwide. In the short term I would also like to start a foundation that is targeted towards young males, especially young urban males.
AM: What are goals in terms of your career?
NC: Be an all-star, win more championships, become a starter, play on the Olympic team or one of the world championship teams.
AM: Do you have any advice for the younger generation?
Work hard! That is the biggest key for me, I worked hard for everything I was given. Don’t play too many video games; technology has taken over now days. I just want to encourage kids to get out and play outside. Play multiple sports, get involved in outside of sports, and stay busy. Do something!