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5th Anniversary Brunch Recap


I’m finally down off of my natural high from our anniversary brunch on March 26, 2017.

I am not an event planner but I am a control freak in many ways which is really bad in an event situation but my first brunch was a great time. I know all the things that didn’t happen the way I wanted and even with that knowledge I felt the event was amazing.

I had the pleasure of having Zakia Blain (Fck Being Fat), Tony Nalls (Ace Metaphor/ Metaphorically Speaking), Erial Ramsey (Imperial 1001/ Hustle Baby Hustle) and Keeyana Avery (Agency Seven PR) on my panel of influencers as we discussed social media and the age of the influencer. While the discussion at times did get heated, comments I am still hearing from attendees, the content was great.

One of the pieces that came out of the day was that you have individuals who work to be influencers and you have some that it happens to by happenstance. The way that this is handled is vastly different because of the want. Everyone desires to provide a great service to their consumer but everyone doesn’t desire the annoyances that can come with this social media recognition. We also discussed the ‘man’ behind the brand. Is there a team that is working with you to create the images and moments or these really snapshots of your life? That can’t be answered definitively because the answer varies per person.

I want to thank everything again who participated and made the day possible, especially our host Jason Thomas and Dayton Taste, the panel and all attendees. The day was amazing my heart was full and I appreciate you all sharing that experience with me.

Save the 2018 date, we will have our anniversary brunch next year the weekend of March 25, 2018.

If you have purchased your copy already, please grab your copy of the 5th Anniversary issue today. My 1st goal was to make it 5 years, my 2nd was to make it through brunch, my 3rd is to be on everyone’s coffee table with my 5th anniversary cover feature. I look forward to the next 5 years and getting everyone to join me as we grow.

Thank You & Be Ambitious

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