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7 Things that Annoy Hiring Managers


Writing a good Cover Letter is the pre-requisite to the Resume, and the Resume is the pre-requisite to the Interview. These things play an important role in getting you hired for your next position or career move. If you think about it this way, first impressions are very important, and each time grants the opportunity to make or break you. Have you ever thought about why you can secure the interview, but never close on the job? These 7 simple things can help you secure both the interview, job, and more.

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1) Dress for Success!

You do not have to spend $1000.00 on a new wardrobe for your interview, you can look to par with what you already have.

For Women: Please do not wear bangles because they make a lot of noise and can be distracting; you want the interviewer to pay close attention to what you have to say verses trying to figure out why you wore those. Leave the large earrings at home, do not pile on make-up. Wear dark colors, closed toe shoes, and lastly, BE NEAT AND CLEAN.

For Men: You need to have a clean cut shave and if you have long hair, make sure that it is cleaned up and pulled back. Wear a suit or find some presentable slacks and shirt. ABSOLUTELY NO SAGGING.

2) Be Honest images (33)

Do not lie to your potential employer because in most cases the truth will come to light. If they ask you how long did you work at this and that job, and you answer them with false info when you pass the interview and they start the employment background check they will notify you, and possibly disqualify you for hiring because you were dishonest.

3) Not Making Eye Contact images (34)

When you first meet your interviewer smile, greet them, and give a firm handshake while making eye contact. Keep eye contact with them throughout the whole interview process. This shows that you are attentive, assertive, and leads them to believe that what you are saying is truthful and honest.

4) Arriving Late  images (35)

How would you feel if you were giving away $50,000 a year, and this person that you are giving it to could careless about being on time, being prepared, or just simply not doing as they are asked? You wouldn’t like that at all, would you? Well, that is how an interviewer feels; if we hire this person would they be on time? It would be very inconvenient for your interview to go perfect yet you don’t get the job on account of not making it there on time. This will give your interviewer the impression that you will constantly be late for work and that is not very beneficial. So plan your trip thoroughly, that you may even get there early and allow yourself to become comfortable with the setting.

5) Ask Questionsimages (36)

Be prepared for the interview by doing a little research on the company so at the end or beginning of the interview when they ask “Do you know what we do?”, you can say yes and feel accomplished as well as seeming interested with the company as well as determined to get the job. Ask questions; they want to know that you are interested in working with them.; let them know how enthusiastic you are about becoming apart of their team.

6) Ask the right questions ask-the-right-interview-questions

Asking too many questions, or asking certain questions too early can be fatal during an interview. You can ask questions about money or the job title, but too early into the interview or too much, will make you seem more interested about the wages rather than working there. You want to let them know that you are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed even if that means negotiating, or helping out wherever help is needed.

7) Be Positive images (37)

Your interview should go smooth and stay within being a friendly environment. Please don’t disqualify yourself by speaking down on passed positions, companies, or management. Stay positive even if you had a bad experience because even though someone else was in the wrong, you are the one being perceived in the interview. Do you think they would want to hire you if the first impression of you is a negative attitude?

In conclusion,

There are a lot on things that you can do to ace an interview, and there is a lot of things that you can to fail it as well. So, just take this with you as you stroll into your next interview. You were looking for a job when you found your previous job, and you will be looking for one when you find your new one. Think outside of the box, and do some things differently. Allow yourself to be calm, cool, and collect when you step into that interview. Try your best not to let anything distract you from your objective, and that is to get the job and pay that you want and desire.


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