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Is This Account Business or Personal?


Have you ever been following a business on social media and had to ask the question, “Is this a personal or a business account”?

I do it all of the time.  I understand as a small business owner, especially if you are a one man/woman band that it is difficult to maintain multiple accounts on multiple platforms.  The beloved and increasingly more popular Instagram is one of the most difficult.  With Instagram and Pinterest not allowing post from 3rd party applications like Hootsuite, and unlike Facebook and Twitter you can’t be logged in using multiple accounts at once, it can be taxing.  Trust me I get it!  I am the person, you see in Panera with the laptop, tablet and phone getting the crazy looks. I know people are looking at me thinking, ‘does she really need all of that’. The answer is yes!

Now back to the topic at hand, social media accounts and is it okay to combine the personal with the business.  As a business person, I would love for the response to be yes.  As a consumer, the response is a resounding NO. As cute as your new haircut may be, as fun as that cookout looks and as funny as your kid may behave I don’t want to see it on your business account.  Not trying to be rude but it has nothing to do with your brand and frankly I don’t care.  If I am interested in that aspect of your life, I am more than likely following your personal account.

Now there are exceptions to the rule (in my opinion).  Some people are their brand.  Bloggers and Fitness professionals, I expect to see your life or at least aspects of it.  I want to see those in the fitness arena because I want to follow people who are real.  I don’t want to follow the person who never has a french fry or a drink. More power to those people and there is absolutely a market for you, I’m just not in it.  The same is true for bloggers, if you have a lifestyle blog I want to see different aspects of your life.  There are some Fit Pros who have separate accounts but I understand it more when they do combine accounts.

In this situation, make sure that you have your consumer hat on. Don’t show things to your businesses followers that you don’t want to see from the businesses that you follow.

On the flip side of things, while your less ambitious friends/ family may not want to see your business posts, it is much more acceptable to see a person sharing their business information on their personal page.  We share everyone else’s business information, of course you should share your own. Just understand there is moderation with everything!

Go forth and be social, responsibly!


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