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All Bets On Me


When was the last time you bet on something? Better yet, when was the last time you bet on yourself?

This year, Koereyelle’s theme for Werk Pray Slay Weekend was All Bets On Me! It was the perfect title for the empowerment that was vibrating through the room. Every speaker, dynamic! That’s a hard compliment to come by because how often have you went to a conference or a summit and enjoyed everyone, and actually gained something from all of the speakers. I can honestly tell you this was a first for me.

The overall theme was perfect because so many of us pour into others and we receive our own leftovers. The major benefit that I saw was the actionable information that was provided. Empowerment is so frequently given to us in the way of affirmations but this weekend was filled with tools.

Weekend favorites…
The interactive vendors! The Finance Femme, Kendra. I wished I knew her 7 years ago when began building the magazine. She provided information that we could apply immediately and I’ve been referring my transitioning friends to check out her exit plan information left and right. Last but definitely not least, Koereyelle’s keynote. She has a fire in her that is contagious.

I look forward to continuing to wish this real actionable empowerment versus the look at me version that we get so many other places. Thank you for providing real content and truly empowering women of all ages from across the country.

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