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Ambitious & Confused

AMBITION is a Lifestyle…


Merriam-Webster defines AMBITION as:
noun am·bi·tion \am-ˈbi-shən\

: a particular goal or aim : something that a person hopes to do or achieve
: a desire to be successful, powerful, or famous
: a desire to do things and be active

Ambition Lifestyle

  • The goal setter, the goal achiever, the risk taker.
  • It’s for those who enjoy the finer things on every budget level. The Ambition lifestyle highlights the finer things while keeping you budget friendly.
  • It’s for those that can handle the downtown hustle and the city grind. The Ambition lifestyle is about being versatile.
  • It’s about those who stand for something. What do you stand for? What is your crusade?
  • Ambition is about RESPECT! We may not always agree but we’re always respectful of each other’s rights, beliefs and opinions.
  • It’s about community. Serving it. Building it. Respecting it.
  • It’s about the work. Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, exploring entrepreneurship or conquering the classroom, you are living your ambition.
  • Male/ Female, young/ old, all ethnicities live their ambition.

Ambition Magazine is a national monthly magazine with local appeal. When you browse our pages you will see some of your local favorites, celebrity favorites and some new faces.

Ambition is about first. For many of our features Ambition was the first cover, the first printed interview of their journey. That means a great deal to us. To know that you trusted Ambition to be a part of your journey is very humbling.

Do you have AMBITION? Are you AMBITIOUS? Is there your lifestyle?