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Andrea Foy & Hire Power


Ambition Magazine: Who are the visionaries/creators of Hire Power?
Andrea Foy: myself
AM: What was the launch date?
AF: 2010
AM: What inspired the pursuit of writing?
AF: Since I’ve was a child, I’ve always wanted to write. It was actually my 5th grade teacher who told my parents that I should have her to write because I was so good in English. You know parents, they were like ‘yea whatever, writing’, you go on to school and do what you have to do. I wrote short stories and poems as a child but never got to hone into my writing. About 6 years ago I ran into Vanessa Miller, who writes Christian books at a book signing and told her I was a writer. She told to start writing and it was a catalyst. Later she invited me to a workshop where I met Valerie Coleman. After the workshop I really became serious and started writing a fiction book. A few years later I went to interview for a second job when I was getting ready to buy my house, and as I was sitting in the lobby waiting there was young African American girl about 15 with shorts and t-shirt on. I assumed she was just sitting there waiting on her mother for the interview, when the manager came out and called her name and the woman looked over at me. The other young lady got up and before I was even called before for my interview she was already out. So that was the real catalyst to Hire Power was a desire to talk to that young woman. She became my muse! Hire Power’s initial purpose was to speak to a younger generation and tell them how and what to do when applying and interviewing for a job. With the turn of the economy a lot of my readers have turned into those who have been employed and have now found themselves out of work.
AM: What were some of the struggles of writing Hire Power
AF: Not really. At the same that I was writing the book I was working on my Master’s degree so the research aspect came easy. The way that write, I wrote everything that I wanted to say and then went and researched the information to back it up.
AM: What was fun & easy
AF: Passion! I was always very active in Greek life, so it was a smooth transition.
AM: What are your goals for the future and expansion
AF: With fiction the characters are already there and waiting for you to talk. It becomes a things where it’s not even a concept I don’t have a system I just write when I feel like a have a good idea and I just stop and write. Whenever it comes out!
AM: Advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs
AF: Go for it! You will learn a lesson in the process.

Website: www.andreafoy.com
Email: info@andreafoy.com
Twitter: HirePower2010
Facebook: HirePower2010