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Are you 1st Lady material?


Last night following FLOTUS Michele Obama’s DNC speech the social media waves were filled with comments from men that were looking for their Michele and women looking for their Barack. There were a few reflective statuses where people were actually striving to be a better person to their current/ future mate.
So of course the next discussion that sparked was: Are you First Lady or Commander-in-Chief ready?
This really had me thinking! We are all in different places and working towards different things but with where you are right now in this moment as you read this blog post, are you complimentary to what you are asking for in a mate?
While I am in a rebuilding stage my skills, work ethic and relationship morals are all still in tact for the man who I am looking and praying for. I definitely have had conversations were afterwards I am wondering where this person came up with these ridiculous requirements, when they can’t even live up to them.
My question to you is what are you looking for in a mate, is it realistic and do you have those qualities in yourself?
I think that the whole ‘let me upgrade you’ mantra gives the assumption that it is ok to not provide a close parallel to your significant other, that you will somehow be better based on them being great. *News Flash* you can’t complain that a woman is too independent and controlling when you can’t be a provider and lead her anywhere other than off the side of a mountain. The same is true for women; you can’t complain that you don’t have a good man when you have no domestic qualities.
In my life as a single woman there is a balance I grind all day working to grow and stabilize being a business woman but I also have that domestic 1950’s housewife inside of me. This is the thing, when I am just dating that domestic stuff doesn’t come out that often because I don’t believe every man needs to be treated like my man! That is one of the problems you can’t get all the benefits of an exclusive relationship when you can’t do something as basic as take out my trash. Yet there are people sleeping with a dude after a date to Chick-Fil-A and then getting up in the morning cooking breakfast and running a bubble bath. It’s a two-way street over here, baby! I’m not saying we need to talk marriage on the first date (I will be the one not returning calls in that case) but I am saying that from me you will get what you give!
And finally my last gripe 🙂 ………quit thinking that your sex organs somehow equate to a Master’s degree! If asked what you have to offer and your answer is, ME, translation = not a damn thing! Grow up and gain the skills to compete on an equal level with the person you are looking to be in a relationship with.

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