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This Saturday, September 12th I had the pleasure of attending the ProjectMe360 seminar. Let me step back for a minute. I was invited to this seminar last year and wasn’t able to make it due to having other commitments. This day was no different! I was in West Chester, thankfully my intern was in Vandalia and my business partners were in Dayton giving me the ability to finally be able to attend this event. The nosy part and the skeptic were both anxious to attend. I had heard great things from a friend who is working on the project so that encouraged me to want to attend. Now from what I was told and from my inference of the project title I knew that this was going to be on personal development. That is where the skeptic seeped out. There are a lot of snakes in that field, as that is where the motivational speaker that I loathe comes from. Let me clarify! I loathe motivational speakers, not speakers that are motivational. In my opinion, people who market themselves as motivational speakers in many cases are those who have developed a skill of creating captivating wordplay. Once we actually dissect the content of what was said you realize that it was mediocre at best. This is NOT what was experienced on Saturday.

10927860_559185137564836_5131154149376267661_oThe short reaction to my experience is… inspirational. I had to catch myself several times. There were a couple times when ProjectMe360 founder, Brandon Dangerfield hit us with some phrases that instantly sent me into work mode. I had to capture those words for a feature article or that had to be a quote for our social media. Then there were a couple of times where I went straight into self-reflection and really began thinking about my actions. Either way I had to pull myself out of it so that I could jump back into the moment and be engaged.

Brandon stood in front of us and engaged us with anecdotes from his life and his experiences while teaching us about what I will call, the art of personal development. During the 4 hour seminar, we did exercises on self awareness and perception to help you engage in the experience. With each concept that we were given, there was an exercise to follow so that you could apply this to your situation. The essence of understanding is application, memorization is often what we think about when we talk about what we know. For some it is easy to memorize things (I am not that person) but often when they have to exhibit that skill they are not able to do so. So the fact that we actually took small periods of time to actively apply what we were talking about left a lasting affect on me. The other participants made the experience worthwhile as well. Sitting in the room with like-minded individuals and making connections, was the icing on the cake. I look forward to attending more ProjectMe events and participating in the program.

Check out more about BestResults360 and the ProjectMe360 program at, http://www.bestresults360.com/.

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