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Are You Sabotaging Your Success?


This morning’s Under 30 CEO newsletter had a very eye-catching title… ‘4 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Entrepreneurial Success (and How To Stop)’. While I did experience a great level of growth and success in all of my businesses in 2013, I know that there are definitely things that I should improve upon and change in 2014. So here is the list:

  1. Saying “I can’t”
  2. Constantly judging yourself
  3. Having blinders on when it comes to change
  4. Burning the midnight oil

Looking at the list I wish that I could say I took a deep breath out and that I am not doing any of the above things. Unfortunately that was not true! I am happy to say that I am only committing 2 of these crimes. I am constantly judging myself and I have an extremely bad habit of burning the midnight oil. I will work until I literally don’t have another recognizable thought coming out of my body most days and I constantly question if adding new elements is the right choice until the moment it is released. It is something that I know I will have to eventually get over but I do it. After reading this, I am going to attempt to do a better job of not sabotaging myself. Check out the full article for some tips on how to combat this issues.

Read more at http://under30ceo.com/4-ways-youre-sabotaging-entrepreneurial-success-stop/#zkpZ2ry8uUFpWcI1.99


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