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Are You Who You Desire?


Now clearly this topic can spread across multiple areas of life such as relationships but today I am specifically speaking to business owners about the consumers that they desire. I promise this one is going to be short.

Ask yourself a few questions.

  • When you walk into another business, do you behave as the customer you desire?
  • Do you receive criticism in the way you want another businesses to receive yours?
  • Are you producing a quality product?

When things are going wrong in your business (or anything else for that matter) check yourself first. What part do you play in the situation? Admission to fault is necessary. While you may not be the cause of the issue, in most cases we play a part. Admit your part so that you can fix you. Sometimes our admission to fault is not about the others that we interact with but us. Everything is a lesson. Did you learn what you needed to learn from that situation.

Until next time, are you the customer you desire?

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