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Arionne Nettles & Urban Shake Magazine


For the Dreamers, the Movers, the Shakers

Urban Shake Magazine is a Chicago, IL based online magazine that brings a taste of everything you can experience in the city. You will see things about empowerment, music and much more when you check out Urban Shake.
Ambition Magazine: Who are the visionaries/creators of Urban Shake Magazine?
Arionne Nettles: Just me!
AM: When was Urban Shake Magazine founded?
AN: September 2010
AM: What was the launch date?
AN: November 25, 2010
AM: What inspired you to start your own business?
AN: A friend and I were writing a book so in order to gauge interest in the book I started writing a blog. Around 24 I went through kind of a quarter life crisis and with the blog I was just writing about what I was going through. I began to get really good feedback from the blog and decided to see where this could go. From there I just started writing and submitting articles to magazines but no one was posting my articles. So I said why am I writing for others when I can just write for myself and it would be cool to start a magazine. I had been thinking about it for a while but it was really more of a hobby. I purchased the domain and everything and then got sidetracked. I wasn’t really thinking about it. About 2 months later I went through a really bad break-up. The funny thing is that I don’t think I would have done the magazine had that not happened. I needed something to think about and put my energy towards and then I said I was just going to do it. Only took me a few weeks because there weren’t that many articles in the 1st issue. I really wanted to stay close to home, so I had a friend that was a singer and another friend had just started a business that I interviewed as my first features.had just started a business, so I was able to use them as well.
AM: What were some of the struggles during startup?
AN: Being taken seriously! Initially I received some OK feedback, but I had to do better. A lot of people I tried to interview brushed me off like this is just a little blog and this is a problem I still have from time to time. So it was really about building credibility because now I am getting people/ publicist who are contacting me about interviews . I am able to begin to pick and choose which ones I want to do. My other concern was making sure that I was never short on content.
AM: Do you have any goals for the future or expansion?
AN: Well we already have a few other businesses that we are growing.
AM: What’s fun and easy?
AN: The connection you form with having the interviews and the people that you meet.
AM: Any advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs?
AN: Try to have a plan and that will definitely help you. Plan your resources! Sometimes it’s hard to work all day and then you have to go home and do more work, but you know that the goal is to eventually be able to work your business full time.

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