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Be Willing to Move Your Feet!


Sometimes it is easy to feel completely lost. I have learned that if we ask God for clear direction in our lives he will give it to us. If we ask God to show us what to do he will show us. If we ask God to enable us to move within the power that only He can give us he will. For His Word tells us in [Matthew 7:7] “Ask and it shall be given unto you; seek and you shall find”. It is not just a matter of asking we must take action and seek.

We cannot expect for our blessings to just drop in our laps. We cannot expect for things to be handed to us. That is not how it works. For the Word tells us in [James 2:17] “Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead”. Meaning we should not ask the Lord to guide our footsteps if we are not willing to move our feet!

We cannot find anything without seeking. We cannot step out on faith without actually picking up our feet and moving forward. We cannot turn our dreams into reality without going after them. We have to stop placing limitations on ourselves and remember that we were created by Him. Faith is an action verb. And faith without motion and physical works will get you nowhere. Faith comes by hearing, seeing and feeling. When we fill our lives with it, faith becomes real and fuels our belief system.

Attitude is EVERYTHING! Negativity and negative thoughts does nothing to help trying times. We may have every reason (naturally) to give up. Does that mean we give up? Does that mean we stop fighting? NO! Instead we should pray for encouragement and strength to get through and pass the test. There is not testimony without a test. We have to pray to God to double our strength when we are at our worse. Complaining, moaning, and groaning about our circumstances changes nothing. However prayer changes everything. Martin Luther King JR once said “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do….you have to KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

{Message from J_LaQueenia}
We must walk in an attitude of expectancy. You cannot just wish for success, you must expect it! You cannot just wish for better, you must expect nothing but the best! Do not limit yourself any longer because you feel like you do not have enough resources or enough support. The Word tells us in [Psalm 46:1] “God is a very present help in the time of need”. That should be more than enough confirmation to step out on faith and grab your blessing(s)! Living a complacent life and living in content is not enough! Thinking, dreaming, and praying small is not enough! Our God has the power and ability to move mountains! So why limit yourself? I know the power my Father has and I place faith behind my prayers and action behind my faith. I encourage you to pray big prayers. Once you start praying, do not just stop there. Move your feet, do what you can, and let God do what you can’t. When you pray with an attitude of expectancy you are activating your faith. When you take the necessary actions to manifest dreams into reality you are stepping out on faith.