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Beauty is a Beast


In honor of the Fitness issue I thought it would be great to give some suggestions on beauty products you can stash in your gym bag so you can refresh and go. But before I go any further I want to say that I’m not saying anyone has to wear makeup to the gym. In fact I can’t stand to see a girl wipe her sweat off with a white towel only to find that towel to now be brown. It sometimes reminds me of Forest Gump when Tom Hanks is running across the country and someone gives him a yellow t shirt to wipe the mud from his face and it forms the now famous yellow smiley face! So without further adieu here is what you need to keep in mind when heading to the gym!

  1. Less is more. Ladies here is where you can skip the heavy foundation. Opt for a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer instead. You may even be surprised to find that a touch of concealer and setting powder may be all that you need to make your skin look flawless and not cakey!!
  2. Brows. Ok so waterproofing is key here. If you’re anything like me then you weren’t blessed with perfectly arched brows and I feel funny going anywhere without something on my brows. I may not have on any other makeup but my brows will be on point. However regular brow products may not with stand the heat and sweat when working out. My go to brow products are Aqua Brow by Makeup Forever and Dipbrow by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Both can be found at your local Sephora.
  3. Makeup Wipes. If you head to the gym before work but don’t want to carry around a large thing of cleanser, you can always use wipes to cleanse your skin. It’s especially important to keep your face clear of dirt and oil post workout so that you don’t get any excessive breakouts. Wipes can help ensure there is minimal dirt and oil from sweat trapped inside your pores. Follow up with an oil free moisturizer and you’re good to go!
  4. Lip stick or gloss. This is for after your workout. I always say that all you need is a killer lip color and a smile!

What are some of your favorite products to put in your gym bag? Let us know in the comments below!!

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