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Beauty writer/stylist Latoya Stegall answering questions on hair-related issues from her top readers


Q:I hate hair grease, what can I use to keep my hair moisturized?
-Andrea Wood ,Anniston ,AL
A: Hair grease is made up of petroleum and it works against effective hair growth, it clogs your hair follicles. Your scalp needs to be able to breathe for proper circulation for extensive growth, if you are looking for the hair to be soft and manageable you can add a light weight oil that will not weigh your hair down. This will allow for the strands to be moisturized, a great moisturizer is a good choice to use it keeps your hair hydrated, there are tons of products for daily use to keep the hair moisturized.

Q: My hair will not hold curls unless, I have a roller-set. Do you have any suggestions on how I can obtain my curls without using a curling iron?
-Yarkiema D, Cleveland,Ms.
A: Your hair may not hold curls due to humidity there are products to enhance your curls. Be advised, however most products can create buildup and can block moisture being added to the hair, try using a light weight shampoo and conditioner. There are leave in conditioners and pomades that have moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that support your curls without frizzing, also try flexi-rods they are very durable and easy to use to opt out of using curling irons.

Q: What can be done for individuals with dry, flaky scalp when they are natural ? Are sulfate containing shampoos good for this?
-Brittany Doss,Pontatoc,Ms.
A: If you are natural and experiencing dry and flaky scalp I would recommend you to get a scalp treatment in this situation can cause thinning, and shedding of the hair. The hair also seems to be lacking moisture and hydration, without moisture the hair will not soften to penetrate the dryness. If you are using any shampoos containing sulfate do not use the product your scalp could have an allergic reaction to the product due to your experiences you can search the market for sulfate free products online.

Q: My hair sheds all year around, I do hot oil treatments and wash it every weekend along with conditioning it, my hair is also colored and chemically relaxed .What can I do to stop this? Thank you!
-KENYA ,Houston ,Ms
A:I’m so glad to answer this one I just wrote an article called Exquisite color and relaxed hair discussing these issues when you are color combined in this process. Two chemicals are over processed you are likely to overdo it. Guess what, there are special products that will maintain the health of your hair, go to http://www.lisaakbari.com/ she has great products to support your color combined with relaxed

Q: What is the best shampoo to use to avoid breakage to recommend as treatment?
-Ashley Harris ,St.louis ,MSSRI
A: I would recommend a great shampoo with protein and a deep penetrating conditioner, all in one.

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