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Robert Hood & Boss Magazine


The flyest magazine of the Midwest!

Boss Magazine, a quarterly promo magazine, is a subdivision of Graphics Plus More and is operated by a design team, freelancers, graphic artists and photographers. The magazine is accompanied by BossMagRadio (independent artist radio), BossMagMixtapes, and BossMagFilms.

Ambition Magazine: Who are the visionaries/creators of Boss Mag?
Robert Hood: myself
AM: What was the launch date?
RH: Boss Magazine, as a subsidiary of Graphic Plus, was launched in 2008.
AM: What inspired you to start your own business?
RH: “2 things. I was always into magazines, especially the hip hop magazines. At the time I was doing a lot of advertising materials, marketing, promotions and design through Graphics Plus More. I took the idea of merging the two together. Working for the companies that I was already doing business cards and album covers for, I moved them into the advertising. I noticed that a lot of his design customers weren’t utilizing the flyers and marketing materials, so by placing that same marketing in the magazine I was helping to advertise the other businesses as well. Entrepreneurship and business is the main idea behind the magazine.”
AM: What were some of the struggles during start up
RH: “The biggest struggle was getting others to commit. Getting advertising! The first three were easy because there were already businesses in place. It was the 4th issue where I actually had to begin to go out and seek new advertising and that was a struggle. Developing a pattern for a layout and putting that together was kind of hard as well. In my current state, I would say that the struggle is expansion and distribution. Being able to maintain cost effectiveness is essential.”
AM: What was easy
RH: “Being around for three years we have developed a reputation, so we are in a stage where people are calling us to be involved.”
AM: What are your goals for the future and expansion
RH: “I would like to see Boss Magazine as a household name one day. I really want to be the main source for entertainment in the Midwest.”
AM: Advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs
KD: “Go Hard, Go Hard, Go Hard! Go with what you feel and study your craft. Nothing can take you off your path, if you believe.”

Website: bossmag247.com
Phone: 937.985.2565
Twitter: Boss Magazine
Facebook: Boss Magazine

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