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As some of us take time to explore the world of entrepreneurship there are some moments that are beyond fulfilling and there are some that you wish you could change. 

One of the things that seems to be a consistent struggle is support and friends.  I know I’ve experienced and will continue to experience my share of disappointment in my ‘friends’ and their support and interest in this journey.  Knowing that it happens doesn’t soften the blow.  The craziest thing someone said to me was ‘well because it happens so much shouldn’t you just expect it’.  Just because people RSVP to weddings and don’t show up should you only order food for the bridal party?

Being the friend to an up and coming business owner can be difficult. They work a lot more than they did working for others, conversation may be consumed with their business in the beginning, not interested in hanging out as much cause they are putting more money to their business and when they do go out it’s for networking. This is not going to be life forever but some sacrifices have to be made in order to succeed.

So know if you are friends with an entrepreneur and all you do when you call is talk about your self or when they try to talk to you and include you in their dream you treat it as your not interested, don’t be surprised when the success train rolls in and you’re not presented with a ticket!

No one is mad at you, you jut weren’t there for us and this foundation won’t support non-believers and non-supporters!

Entrepreneurs don’t expect certain people to be your supporters, let people show you! One thing I’ve learned is that some will talk a great game but some will show up for the game.

Good luck!!!!

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