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Confession: I am a Hater


Haters are mythical beings that do not exist in a majority of people’s lives today!

There once was a time, where those labeled as haters were people that hated to see anyone doing something that would elevate themselves or that was positive. A hater was that negative person in your space that you just had to get away from. Now it seems that the definition has changed and not for the better. These days it appears that anyone who does not completely and totally agree with you and your ideas is called a hater.

I hate to tell some of you this, but, you don’t have haters! You have people who are not scared to tell you the truth and they are doing just that. Every idea is not a good idea, every outfit should not leave the house or the store, for that fact, and most importantly – you are not always right. We have been subjected to this society of ‘yes men’ and within this society, we have been conditioned to this ‘group think’ mindset. In this mindset, people begin to feel as if they are being attacked; when one steps outside of that shared thinking.

I find those who are ‘yes men’ (those who will agree with anything that you say no matter how wrong or stupid it may be) to be haters. You would have to hate me to not tell me when something is a bad idea. Don’t let me walk out of the house looking a mess; tell me when my hair style is not quite working for me and make sure that I understand that putting aluminum foil in the microwave is a no go when I am hungry and having a Snickers moment. Well nowadays, those are the people who are considered to be great friends; with your best interest in mind.

Well let me tell you, I am a hater! I am going to tell you when your clothes are too tight. I am going to tell you when your pants are flooding. I am going to challenge your thoughts on politics and on the realities of the world. I am going to support you and your idea to have a business. BUT, I will also bring up the amount of competition that you have and ask if you have completed the market research. I may even be resistant to your business idea. I am not going to have good feelings about all of your friends that you bring around. I am going to tell you when you are being selfish. Flat-out, I am going to tell you when you are wrong!

I am also going to fight for you to be heard whether I agree with you or not, because it is not about me!

Well, now that I have made that confession of being a hater, I challenge all of you to go forth and be honest with those you want to see succeed!


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