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Corey Logan & Punch Fitness


Just a few moments with friend and entrepreneur Corey Logan, owner of Punch Fitness, Columbus native and Ohio University Alum!


Fitness or Prescription…


Ambition Magazine: Who are the visionaries/creators of Punch fitness?
Corey Logan: Just me, Corey Logan!
AM: When was Punch fitness founded?
CL: October 1, 2011, which was also the opening date of Punch Fitness.
AM: What inspired you to start your own business?
CL: Branched from the personal love of fitness. Motivation was the pursuit of fitness and delivering results through exercise.
AM: What were some of the struggles during start-up?
CL: PERMITS, PERMITS, PERMITS! Trying to meet deadlines.
AM: What was easy?
CL: Knowing that I wanted to combine boxing and personal training into one studio.
AM: Do you have any goals for expansion?
CL: Looking at Cincinnati and Richmond, Va for places to expand to. Within the current gym will be starting a 35 day weight loss challenge in April and adding a running club in May and a book club in May to ensure that everyone is fully knowledgeable about their health. Currently putting my all into this physical place in order to not lose focus.
AM: What was fun?
CL: Demolition and putting my all into creating the symmetry.
AM: Advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs?
CL: Know what you want! Select and know your demographic and develop a game plan, step by step. From there execute and get your money together.

I believe you can do anything you want with the right people supporting you and the right mindset!

If you are in the Columbus area make sure you go and check out Corey and Punch Fitness!
Phone: 614.392.2917
Email: chieflogan@punchfitnessohio.com

I believe you can do anything you want with the right people supporting you and the right mindset!
-C. Logan