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Cream Adoir


Cream Adoir is a supporter and facilitator of women’s empowerment and is doing her part in creating positive female interaction through her boutique and clothing line. In addition to these two businesses, Cream also has an organization for models in which she encourages respect and positivity amongst women.

Ambition Mag: When did you begin your Cream Couture Boutique and Coutori clothing line?
Cream Adoir: I started the boutique about five years ago and I have been working on the clothing line for a year.
AM: What inspired the start of these businesses?
CA: I started the boutique based off of me being a shopaholic. I loved shopping and clothes and I had them everywhere. I started the line because of my love for fashion. I enjoy drawing and designing and thought it would be a good addition to the store.
AM: What were some of the struggles you’ve experienced?
CA: Differentiating between personal style and trends. What I like for my personal style is great but when trying to supply to people I have to also follow trends.
AM: What do you find easy and enjoyable?
CA: With the store, I love shopping and shipping. [I also enjoy] the opportunity to build relationships with new designers. I love creating when it comes to clothing line.
AM: What are your goals for the future and expansion, like maybe going into a storefront?
CA: I actually had a contract for a storefront in the gateway about three years ago but I decided not to go into physical location because of the markup that I would have to place on the items. In terms of products, I would like to expand into swimwear, skincare and baths and candles.
AM: Do you have any advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs?
CA: Educate yourself on your business and change your business as needed. Treat customers how you want to be treated. [The] only person I consider competition is myself! Be cognizant of your pricing, you do not want to get rich off of one person.

Website: www.cream-couture.com
Phone: 614-282-7382
Twitter: CreamAdoir
Facebook: Cream-Coutori Adoir

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