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Step 3: Create the Blueprint


Step 3:
The Blueprint
So far we have dreamed and we’ve researched!

Now it is time to develop and begin to blueprint your business. At this point there has been an immense amount of information gathered. Organize everything! With every business being different the process is not going to be the same for everyone but a good starting point is a business plan template. Here is a recommended format: SCORE business plan template. This template for the business plan is a more complete business plan template from SCORE. SCORE is a volunteer organization that helps mobilize aspiring business owners with veteran owners and veteran high level managers that have knowledge on how to start and sustain a business. The second template is more in-depth and is to be used when applying for things such as grants, loans and other funding. The first template is more for the business owner.

The business is consistently changing and the business plan should reflect all of the current and intended changes. The process can feel tedious at times but it is extremely important. When you blueprint the plan for your business, it is easier to see areas you are lacking and need changing. When there is no plan in place there is more of a chance of just changing random things until something ‘works’. This can result in a larger problem.

As you organize, the business will begin more and more to take shape and become completely viable in your eyes!

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