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Daniel Parks Jr.


Name: Daniel L. Parks Jr

Location (City/State): Dayton, OH

Age: 25

What Services do you offer: I offer 1 on 1 personal fitness training for strength, toning, weigh loss and conditioning.

Title (trainer, coach, instructor, etc.): Certified Fitness Trainer

How long have you been on this career path: I’m a newbie in this career path but not in the gym. Recently decided to take this career as a personal trainer serious about a year ago.

What encouraged you to take on a career in the fitness world: It’s my ultimate obsession, my passion, my love. They say if you love what you do you will never feel like you work a day in your life. The GYM saved my life. Growing up I idolized giants like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stanley “Tookie” Williams.

What have been your challenges, on you personal health & fitness journey: Personally, I can’t really think of any challenges I’ve faced as time progresses I’ve seen myself progress. I’m as strong as I have ever been in my life.

What has helped you push closer to your goals as a fitness professional: I would have to say my parents, my sister and my daughter for motivating me to become a somebody.

What has helped you push pass the challenges in your journey: After all the late night studying, essays after essays, sore legs, barely being able to move my arms after workouts I still couldn’t find myself to stop. To quit. I fell in love with pain and the struggle. My dad told me when I was young one of the worst things you can be is a quiter. Once you say your going to do something you have to do it so I felt like I had no choice.

Top 3 most valuable pieces of advice you give to those on a journey of their own:

  1. Patience is a virtue. Master the art of patience take your time learn the ins and out
  2. Have a WHY. Why are you doing this? Why are you waking up? Why do you want it? And always remember that WHY
  3. When trying to become certified go to a nationally accredited school, not the quickest cheapest school you can find. Trust me it will look much better on a resume and when you more points, lol

What’s on your gym/ workout playlist: Now days in this new generation new era of fitness I think I’m the only person that does not listen to music while working out. I’m old school I love to hear the sound of the weights banging together. I love to hear the person next to you struggling, yelling, grasping for air. You got to become one with the gym Daniel son. Plus I talk to myself while working out. Lol

What is your favorite workout: My favorite workout would have to be pull ups. Pull ups will make or break you, separate the boys from men but really pull ups are so special. They work out back arms shoulders and core.

What is your motivation: CT Fletcher (look him up) & I have a lot people depending on me I have a brother in the Feds that I want to be able to give a legit opportunity to when he come home. I want change the way Dayton looks there’s no reason Dayton can’t look like Cali or Miami fitness wise. I want be successful so I can go back and show the urban kids that, hey look at me I made it and I didn’t have to shoot a ball or throw one, there’s so much more for us out here.

What are your goals for the remainder of 2014: I have some big things planned but one of my most important goals for the year is I want to change somebody’s life, take them from maybe being embarrassed of their shape and weight to fully confident. Looking and feeling like a brand new person.

Contact information:
IG: rpg_d
Phone: 937.654.2355

I’m bringing back old school style of fitness a lot of this stuff you see on tv is gimmicks. You don’t need fancy balls and plant shakes, nor pills just some determination consistency and ready to sweat it off. And always remember you’re WHY.

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