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Dayton/Trotwood = Resilient


City/ State/ Federal organizations: we’re coming
Dayton/ Trotwood: Nevermind we’ll do it!

That’s how the Dayton/ Trotwood community had to respond to the EF4 tornado that came through and devastated entire communities. As with any situation there was a mix of good and bad moments as the community came together to clean and serve its community. The community showed that when we need to, we will come together, and we will take care over one another. The response of people wanting to help was amazing and overwhelming. People gave of their time, physical and financial resources to try to get those who had experienced damage and even devastation to the best position in their immediate ability.

It was quite disappointing to experience a few things as well. I won’t dwell on them because the positive outweighed the negative. I do want to acknowledge it so that you think about this as you get back to your daily routine. We know that there are always people who are going to steal, tragedy or not. That’s to be expected, it’s disappointing but you know this is going to happen. What’s more disappointing was the number of businesses that dominantly serve inside of these communities, and are kept open by the residents of these communities that decided this was the time to achieve their fiscal goals for the year. Here’s a quick list of those who attempted to take advantage of the circumstance:

AM/PM Market on Salem Avenue
Marathon Gas Station (Third & Drexel, Troy & Valley locations)
Belmont Market
Delphos Market
Motel 6 – Englewood
Nabali’s IGA on Gettysburg

We’re acknowledging this list for a few reasons. Honestly, we know that people have short memories and many people will forget when they stop into the stores and don’t see the inflated prices. Secondly, for those who can please stop supporting these institutions. We would like for everyone to leave these businesses alone, but another reality is that with the Dayton/ Trotwood area being a food desert a couple of these locations are within walking distance and will be supported out of location-based necessity.

Back to the positivity…

Thankful for my friend Wyonna Chenault of Chenaulte Dancers and Ashley Browning of SoLoved & Browning Enterprises for providing the space for me to serve and support the community this week. Constantly engaging with people and not having the answers is difficult for me, but we got through it.

The community organizations and businesses provided for their own this past week. You saw the heart of people, you saw how nurturing relationships allowed for a simple phone call to lead to food and supplies being delivered.