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Dayton’s 2nd Startup Weekend to be held Nov. 14 – 16


If you missed the fun last time, you now have the opportunity join the fun. In just 3 short weeks, Dayton will be hosting it’s second Startup Weekend and participating in Global Startup Weekend.

What is Startup Weekend?????
It is a Google sponsored event that brings individuals together for one weekend with the hope of creating and starting a new business. It is 52 intense hours of brainstorming, business development and product development. You can walk in the door with not one idea just want to participate in creating something and then walk out being apart of the next big startup.

If you are in a place where you are thinking about getting involved with a startup and may not know exactly where to start, this is it! The things you learn during Startup Weekend can’t even be expressed in this post.

**use the hashtag #swdayton to check out the fun that was had in June.
More details here, http://dayton.startupweekend.org/