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Decisions, Decisions


This being my first entry, I am nervous, I have to admit. I want to touch on the topic of voting. I am an opinionated, outspoken person who is passionate about helping others and making positive changes in the world around me. So here is my struggle. I am contemplating registering to vote and although, I am leaning more towards taking that plunge, I am still a bit hesitant.

Wouldn’t you want your voice to be heard on topics that affect your way of life? Well I would. When you get into politics, however, things tend to get a little messy. There is so much negativity involved, sometimes, so much that people lose sight of what is really important. I don’t do well with stress and want things to be cool, just cool. Guess I should get thicker skin and roll with the punches, if I decide to sign on the dotted line. Are you registered to vote? It is definitely something to think about.

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