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Detox Your Mind, Improve Your Business


This time of the year can be really busy or really slow depending on your industry. Nevertheless, the holiday season can cause anyone’s mind to be cluttered. If it’s a busy time then you may be trying to fulfill orders, verifying you have enough inventory on hand and worrying whether shipments will arrive on time. If it is your slow period then there may be the financial stressor and concern that your business may or may not pick back up. The holidays are a time when many incur excessive debt mainly to ensure that they get their loved ones the perfect gift.

Whatever concerns this season brings you specifically; it is likely causing clutter in your mind. Clutter often leads to disorganization, forgetfulness and stress. A great idea to help you de-clutter is to detox your mind. Cleanses are extremely popular now and are used by people to shed excessive pounds and get rid of waste. A mental detox has several similarities. The main difference is that when clearing your mind, you are not taking any pill or medication to get rid of the waste. Instead, you are making a conscious effort to cleanse and purge.

To start your detoxification process, you must first make a conscious decision that this is something you want to do and you want to be successful at it. Once you have your mind made up, you have to start asking yourself the tough questions. Some examples include:
• What negative/toxic thoughts do I have?
• What happens when I have toxic thoughts?
• How does negativity affect my business?
• How can I eliminate/reduce my stressors?
• What is my ideal mental space?
This is not a one day or overnight process. Really put forth the thought and effort and don’t expect the answers to come immediately. Let your daily experiences and your reactions to those experiences help mold your answers.

While detoxing, it is essential that you give yourself quiet time. Use this quiet time for reflection, meditation and/or prayer. Don’t be surprised if this turns into an emotional time. Remember, you’re purging out waste and negativity. Be sure to replace the pessimism with positive affirmations. Claim great things for you and your business. Vision boards and quote books are also excellent ways to replace the waste that once cluttered your mind. And if your house and office are cluttered, clear those areas up too! It’s amazing what a difference it will make.

Many entrepreneurs, CEO’s, etc. feel there is not enough time to focus on themselves. However, it is only once you find your mental clarity that your business can thrive in ways you may have never before imagined. It’s amazing how your outlook on business can change with a positive disposition.