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Dirty 30? Flirty 30? Nah, I’m just 30! *transparency*


Well this past weekend, Sunday to be exact I celebrated what some dread… 30!

I have been looking forward to it to be honest. I believe that your 20s are a period of change and exploration and your 30s are a time of growth. I am ready to grow in EVERY way!

So with me trying to prepare for the weekend and finish my book and finish our men’s issue, I wasn’t the best version of myself. Eating out was my source of food, when I ate. I completely and totally fell back into some bad habits but I have been very diligent about my water the past few days. Water is usually my go to when I begin to fall off track. If my water isn’t right, nothing else is right. When I adjust my water I am back on track. So I am back to my gallon a day minimum.

Today was my first time working out in over a week. Last week I was really on top of my fasted cardio but I didn’t do any weight training. I would love to say that my fasted balanced out my terrible eating but I know better than that.

I am so excited for what 30 is bringing and the renewed energy I get with my birthday month. I hope to have some really good news for you the remainder of August. Plus we (my training group) is getting ready for another 5k, September 13th.

Until next time,
BE Ambitious

p.s. I took photos on my 30th, a little pampering with work never hurt anyone!