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Do I need a website?


The short answer to this is, YES!

As a current small business owner, one of the main conversations that people are having is about how Facebook recently changed their algorithm and they are seeing a significant drop in their views and engagement on their business pages. Why? So that you will spend money to ‘boost’ your post and purchase ads. It is also said to increase the user experience so that you are seeing more of what your ‘friends’ are posting and less from the pages.

How does this factor into the question of ‘do I need a website?’ Many people rely on their social media accounts to promote themselves and their product. With these changes the FREE marketing from your social media platforms are becoming more and more insignificant. It also puts you in a position of depending upon someone else for your promotions.

Another question that most people have to justify not having their own site is, ‘Am I big enough or doing enough to have my own site?’ The answer is yes, again. If you are presenting yourself as a business person, you have the content to create your own page. It may start out small with something like an introductory page, contact page, and an about us page. At minimum that provides someone with the ability to learn more about you and your business and they now know how to contact you outside of social media.

Also let’s not forget everyone does not have social media! 

I don’t know how to build my own site and I cannot afford to pay someone else to do it. My answer to that is learn or barter! My first answer is learn. These days there are numerous platforms that provide the framework and you have very little to do in order to get your site up and running. I prefer WordPress! It is one of the most popular platforms across all levels of business. Some do suggest that there is a slight learning curve but there are multiple tools available to you to help you come out with something amazing. By taking the time to do it yourself, you save yourself quite a bit of money. The first year can be really inexpensive ($12 for domain and hosting) and then going forward you can pay somewhere around $70/ year for renewal.  The second answer is to barter. While many people shy away from bartering because it doesn’t put real dollars in their pocket but it does add resources! Which many times is even more valuable. The con of bartering, if the relationship sours you have someone else in control of your site BUT you risk this even when paying someone for your web design and maintenance. Ask questions and pick someone who can be trusted and is respectable.

 This blog was originally posted on LeKeishaNicole.com

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