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Do You Provide The Type of Support You Expect?


While going forward in the endeavor to become an entrepreneur/ business person, support is a huge factor many times when in the startup phases!

How many of you have spent days, weeks, months, even years working on your business to feel as though none of the people around you are supportive or even recognize the blood, sweat and tears that you have put into this journey?

Have you ever talked to that ‘best friend’ and they say “what is that little project you were working again”?

Or, what about when you are working and someone calls you and wants to go to lunch, you tell them I can’t I’m working and their response is “when did you get job” or “where are you working now”?

And, finally the most hated is “Can I get one for FREE or I know you going to hook me up with a discount”!

Over the past few months I have encountered each and every one of these people and on multiple occasions. It’s one of those things that I have come to expect from the less ambitious but it has also taught me to try to be a better supporter of my fellow business women & men. Putting all of your time and money into a dream does not always leave a lot left for others, but sometimes simply showing up provides more support than $$$$. There are also going to be times when you know someone with a business that just doesn’t provide anything for you, those are the times to use that mouth and tell those who could benefit from that person’s business.

Ask yourself, am I the type of supporter that I expect?!?!

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