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“Don’t Fall Into Someone Else’s Foundation”



Sometimes women don’t know what is best for their make-up and beauty routine. Identifying the undertones of your skin should be the first step in finding your match. Be advised that your skin tone does change enough to warrant a new shade because of climate change in seasons.

When finding out which color looks more harmonious with your skin, do so by matching the foundation color of light, medium and dark to your cheek area where the most coverage is really needed. Your foundation should always be impeccably matched. Wearing foundation that’s too dark is like having chocolate pudding whipped on your face.

Don’t fall into someone else’s foundation, everyone doesn’t look good in every color or even shadows. I know that I don’t either. Some people tend to use foundation as a bronzer, just to do the little trick of making skin have a tan look.

Certain color palettes work on certain skin types. When you have a more pale skin tone, applying bright makeup will not support your desired look. Your skin will tend to look washed out and it allows the colors to overwhelm the face. Darker tones support and emphasize more powerful colors. If you are unsure about finding your True Color Match, play the color match game. Who knew getting the right color shade could be so fun? I do it all the time when shopping for my favorite brands.

Swipe a tiny bit of the store tester foundation makeup product on the wrist ,when you get a blend in and is not, noticeable anymore you’ve found your match and perfect shade just for you!


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