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Emerald Sparks, Emerald Sparks LTD


Name: Emerald Sparks

Industry: Financial Services

Business Name: Emerald Sparks Ltd

What is it that you do: I solve misconceptions about money. Emerald Sparks Ltd is a personal and business finances consulting company designed to help women, millennials, and business owners solve their misconceptions about money through personalized, creative budgeting, savings, credit and debt repayment strategies.

Why this business/ profession: 12 years of experience in financial services working for Fortune 500 companies such as Deloitte & Touché, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Fifth Third Bank, and Northwestern Mutual.

What is it about you that embodies Ambition: I am a hard worker. I set a vision/goal and I go after it. I want to impact people to change their relationship with money and take the taboo out of talking about money. Being ambituous is about being content with where you are, and then always striving for growth and increase!

Struggles you’ve experienced: Business struggles would have to center around internal issues such as faith. Being a fresh business owners, you will meet times where you compare your journey to someone else’s, where you questions your passion/purpose, where you don’t have the support you would like, and where you want to quit and get a salaried job. However, knowing that your gifts will make room from you and believing that God will guide you in the right direction is powerful.

Success you’ve encountered: I have been featured on Fox 19 Cincy, 100.3 Old School and R&B, I have spoken at over 16 events and I love it.

I have saved $40,000 over 3 years, paid off $20,000 of personal debt, helped clients collectively save $20,000, pay off $100,000 in debt, purchase real estate property and a dream car.

What do you have coming up that we can look forward to:

November 11 – Vision Speaks Symposium: Setting Our Sights on 2018

November 19 – Business and Brunch biznessbrunch.eventbrite.com

November 30 – 5 Ways To Not Lose Your Ish, Financially Webinar emeraldsparks.com/webinars

December 7 – 4th QTR Game Time: Biz Finances and Such… emeraldsparks.com/workshops

What do you need to push your business forward: Faith, money, and exposure.

Social Media/ Contact: Facebook: Emerald Sparks

Instagram: ShzAGem

Twitter: EmeraldSparksES

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