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Fall 7 Times……Get Up 8!



When things do not go according to our plans we tend to give up. I cannot speak for everyone but for most of us we tend to start thinking that well maybe my fate is not what I thought it was. Eventually, we start to lose our endurance.

Sometimes we fall and we will get right back up again. We may fall again and get up with even more determination than ever before. Even after the third or fourth time we may still muster up enough strength to get back up with an attitude of faith and expectancy. But what happens when we fall the fifth, sixth, and seventh time?

When that happens we have to remember to encourage ourselves. We must not lose sight of what is really important. Never forget the promises of God. The Holy Spirit can be trusted to lead us into all that God has planned for us.

Guarding our hearts and minds is a must. We have to keep them both free of negativity. When we hear the saying “stay clear of negativity” we tend to think that it only pertains to staying clear of negative people and their way of thinking so it does not rub off on us. This is very true. However “stay clear of negativity” also means we must guard our hearts and minds and not entertain our own negative thinking. We must not allow our insecurities to defeat us. Worrying changes nothing…..prayer has the power to change everything!
We can fail again and again. We can fall seven times, seventy times, or seven hundred times; the key is to get back up again and again.
This is the season of opportunity. God cannot rain blessings down on us if when we fall we choose to stay down in a bed of self pity. He needs for us to keep praying, to keep pushing, to keep hoping, to keep expecting better things. If we remain prayerful if we remain inspired if we remain driven we will receive all that God has for us.
We never know just how close we are…..Prayer, Faith, Ambition, Determination, Endurance=Wonderful Testimony!

Fall seven times….get up eight! Get back up and work harder, give more, do more, give more time, and give more effort! Stand on faith and never lose sight of what is really important and that is fulfilling your God given purpose. Anything according to God’s will is going to come to pass.

“For faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.”
{Hebrews 11:1}
Stay blessed!
Jessie LaQueenia

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