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  • How can I get featured in Ambition?
    Complete this form, we will not contact you following your submission unless we have decided that you are not a fit for our publication or if we are looking to feature you in the next issue. along with contact information that we can use to look at your product and presence. 
  • When does my subscription start?
    If the current issue has been out for longer than 3 weeks, your subscription starts with the next issue published.
  • I ordered a single print issue when will it be mailed?
    Single issues, can take 7-14 business days to be mailed.
  • Can I still order copies of previous issue?
    We will offer single issues as long as we have stock, you cannot special order an older issue.
  • Do you still offer the Ambition ‘A’ tee?
    We will have tees at events, and we may post tees for special order. We will not have a constant presence of the tees on the website going forward. 
  • What is Ambitious Resources?
    Ambitious Resources is a resource based pitch event. Aspiring and Current Entrepreneurs will come and pitch their ideas for the opportunity the receive various resources to assist them in their business. You can apply to participate at Ambitious Resources here!