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Fashion No No’s: What not to wear in 2013


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As we’re moving into 2013 fashions it’s only appropriate that we leave bad fashion habits from 2012 in the past. With that being said, here’s some 2013 fashion no no’s!

As a shoe lover, I think its okay to wear the cutest high heels but please do us all a favor and remove the stickers and tags from the bottom of the shoes. Yes we can see it! Shoe fanatic Rosalind Bryant of CEO & Founder of non-profit organization Open Hearts, Helping Hands states that to preserve shoes, “it’s always best to spray satin shoes with weather protector before wear and also find a great shoe repairman-it’s worth the investment. Guess great shoes are meant to last forever.

Since beauty is a sector of fashion, remember to wear either bold eyeshadow OR wear bold lipstick. Never wear both bold eyeshadow and lipstick unless you are a professional make-up artist. It’s also great to give your eyebrows a little trim even if you prefer not to be glammed up with eyeshadow.

It actually hurts when I think of saying goodbye to leggings because they have been such a benefit for those of us who wanted to forget our true sizes, but ladies in 2013 it’s time to put away our leggings…Whether you wear leggings under a skirt, leggings with boots or leggings with an oversized dress or shirt the time has come to retire the leggings. Fashion stylist and consultant of Image Keith Grant Is Everything, felt that leggings were the worst fashion trend ever and hated the when ladies wore leggings and boots. He states, “it all looks the same and so predictable.”

Although just a few fashion no no’s were mention, remember that anything that gives you a dated look you should definitely do away with in 2013. In the world of fashion, when in doubt DON’T!
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