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Finding AmbitDexterity


I’m usually a stickler for correct grammar and respect the accepted English language and it’s rich history. However, sometimes there are just “no words” to adequately describe some things that go through my head. This would be one of those times, hence my latest word fusion AMBITDEXTERITY. The origin is a simple and convenient combination of ambition and ambidexterity. Luckily for me, and hopefully you too, ambition was already partly present in ambidextrous causing a slight illusion and mental strain as to whether or not “ambitdexterity” is a “real” word. Sadly, Webster has not embraced ambitdexterity and it’s family member ambitdextrous… Yet… but I sure have.

2 words ambition and ambidexterity… combined… to invent an awesome word with an even awesome…er meaning that hold the key to survival! Ok… that may be an overstatement… but it sounded good! In todays world with the advancement of technology and other things, being one handed is going out of style. When opportunities are being thrown at you, what a benefit to you to catch with 2 strong hands instead of a nice right handed grab and a fumble with the left. When opportunities are not easily visible, scrimmaging with 2 hands seems as if it will increase your chances of revealing a treasure. Being 50/50 is… nice… but being 100 is so much more promising. Now I know we all have sinned and fell short of the glory god (Romans 3:23) intends for us to have, but Ohhhh Redemption! (I bet Jesus was ambitdextrious) And this redemption starts with ambitdexterity! Your personal drive and desire to be equally versed in multiple spectrums of life. This may take some practice! Have you ever tried to writing with your non-dominant hand? You should… I dare you to make it as strong hand, I dare you to add to the complexity of you. These days and I would predict in the future that it’s pretty much a necessity to be versatile, motivated, multi-functional and an instigator. Investigate Create and perfect a dual and total you. You owe it to yourself, and who is a better person to owe than yourself.

So whether your rocking babies with your right while engineering with your left; customer serving with your left and mathematician-ing with your right or MD-ing with your right and DJ-ing with your left, keep your life a “Look Ma No Hands” idle zone! I’m sure she’ll be proud!


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