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Fitness Journey + 4th of July + Birthday Party


So this weekend was a crazy challenge! I had friends in town, my little cousin turned 2 so you know that meant birthday cake and cupcakes and cookouts!

Cookouts are actually the easiest part for me. The meat is grilled so it is at it’s healthiest state and I usually only eat the mac & cheese. So the mac I need to leave alone or least in moderation. I think I did good with that but I do love me some birthday cake.

On Friday I started my 30 miles in 30 days before 30, personal challenge. I am currently 4 miles in. So I don’t foresee any issues with accomplishing this goal since we are doing the 5k on July 19th and we are practicing for the 5k twice a week up until the 19th.

One thing I have noticed is the terrible habit I have of not eating. It gets worse in the summer because I just don’t desire food. I am making a conscious effort to eat on a schedule by setting alarms. So hopefully that will work.

This weekend I am meeting with my trainer for an official weigh in so I am looking forward to seeing my progress. Praying for a confirmation of weight loss, inches lost and lowering of body fat percentage.

Until next time!


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