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  1. Reflect to be Loving
  2. Display your Joy
  3. Manifest your Peace
  4. Practice your Patience
  5. Express your Kindness
  6. Reveal your Faithfulness
  7. Show your Gentleness
  8. Exhibit your self control

This list allows beautiful women to create opportunities, live a well balanced lifestyle, and feel young and energetic again . “Being positive ” becomes a part of everything you do, the way you communicate, show appreciation of others and engage with people who may need your help.

When you decide to make your “To Do List” it should manifest during your day and become a top priority. Enjoy the nature around you. Cut some fresh, fragrant flower and sit them in your favorite spot in your home. Enjoy a nice cup of warm tea or apple cider and make it your cup of comfort. Read your favorite book that will rejuvenate your mind.Take a walk in your neighborhood to feel free of what’s holding you down. There’s so much in life of the things that bring us joy, where we feel comfortable with the things we have no matter if they are big or small.

What are some things you know that you are comfortable with about changing in your life today. Set out your “To Do List “and turn it into a “To Be List “of your everyday life!


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