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Grudge Match


We had the pleasure of being able to view Grudge Match on December 17th during an early screening. While the movie has it’s good moments it was not a movie that you are going to want to call and talk to all of your friend about immediately following the credits. Any movie involving Kevin Hart is going to have a comedic spin but this is definitely more of a drama. h Kevin Hart, who plays Dante, is able to lighten up some of the more serious moments and makes you want to see what nonsense he is going to do next. Without telling you the whole of the story… The movie takes you the the sorted relationship between Kid(DeNiro) and Razor(Stallone), and how the relationship reached the boiling point. It some ways the story is quite morbid in that you are given tons of weaknesses in both gentleman before understanding and seeing their strengths. The ending is semi-predicatable in that about 3/4 of the last 30 minutes of the movie will be totally expected but there are a couple pleasant surprises that come out.

Final critique: Decent movie to watch at the house on a lazy Saturday, not a recommendation for a night out at the movies.


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