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Hard Times Will Lead You to Better Things


No one wants to have to go through hard times but that’s just life. Hard times will come and hard times will go. We cannot stop hard times from coming but we can decide what we will do in the mist of hard times when they come our way. We can either decide to allow those hard times to break us down or we can decide to stand on faith knowing that God will get us through.

I personally believe that one of the greatest gifts that God has ever given us is the power of choice. Life will bring about hard times its called life for a reason that’s its job. It is what we choose to do in those hard times that will describe our true character.

Most of us when we’re going thru something we throw a pity party for ourselves. We will either look to whoever will listen to complain about our million and one problems. Or we will climb into a deep hole of depression. Instead of allowing our problems to consume us we need to pray to God for strength to get through them. The first question most of us will ask is “why”. “Why am I going thru this Lord?” Instead we should consider asking God what is it that He’s trying to tell us, what is it that He’s trying to teach us, Father what can I learn from this? God will never place any more on us than we can bear.

Take your problems to God in prayer. Ask Him for strength and do not make the choice to give up because of hard times. Prayer brings joy in the mist of sorrows. Know that God is working actively behind the scenes to do what only He can do to get us through those hard times.

Trust Him to not only get you through your hard times but to lead you to bigger and better things as well.

Hard times come to build our character, to give us strength, and to humble us so when the bigger blessings come we will know how to appreciate them. Hard times bring about mountains for us to climb and once we climb those mountains we can look down and see just how far up we have climbed.

We have to make the choice to believe and stand firm on our faith that hard times will only lead to bigger and better things.

Stay blessed!

Jessie LaQueenia

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