Have You Checked Out The Bad Bytch Rule Book?

Have You Checked Out The Bad Bytch Rule Book?

In our August issue we featured the multifaceted Juicey Adoir. In June, Juicey debuted her 1st self-published book ‘The Bad Bytch Rule Book’!

While the name alone can be controversial, this book is a perfect example of do not judge a book by its cover. In my endeavor to read the book I was bias initially because I had interviewed with Juicey and knew the basis of the book so the title didn’t phase me. But when I began to read this book I was even more surprised at some of the topics that were addressed in the book.

The Bad Bytch Rule Book provides a refreshing look into the life of women and turning the negative into a positive. Everyone experiences negativity and knowing the inspiration for each rule came from personal experience allows a higher level of relatability. There were a vast amount of the rules I could immediately relate to, and some gave me the push to either try something new or think in a new way.

If you are looking for a quick, entertaining but inspiring read make sure that you check out Juicey Adoir and ‘The Bad Bytch Rule Book‘…..

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