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A Second Look at the Queen City

How is it possible that so many in their twenties and thirties living in Cincinnati don’t enjoy living in Cincinnati?
I personally moved to the city back in 2008 and I have no desire to leave any time soon!
From attending Bengals games, to watching Reds players hit home runs, or simply taking a leisurely stroll through Eden Park with that special someone, there are plenty of enjoyable activities to keep one busy!
“I just think most people our age don’t know what’s going on, or don’t know where to go in Cincinnati to be able to have a good time,” states 29-year-old, Jennifer Samaniego, resident of Mason, OH.
No problem. This can be fixed.
If most of us in our twenties and thirties are just looking for that next exciting event, or activity, there are several resources made available to us at no cost that offer plenty of entertainment solutions.
A very informative site, www.cincinnatiUSA.com, depicts everything about the city, from fine dining, to amusement parks, to anything uniquely belonging to Cincinnati.
After going around asking those living in the area if they have ever heard of this site, the answer was a resounding, “No!”
I did however, come across one young man who admitted to staying informed through a popular newspaper, “Every now and then I’ll stop and grab a cup of coffee on my way to work and pick up an issue of City Beat. It’s a free newspaper that gives me some idea of what’s going on around town,” Ted Hafer, age 31, resident of Colerain, OH.
What an excellent way to stay informed!
In addition to literature and accessing the internet for 411 on the Queen City, you can also go out and simply travel the streets, sightsee, and uncover avenues of entertainment for yourself! So before you pack your bags and skip town on the next available flight, DO SOME RESEARCH! You may find that the social activities you’ve been craving are right outside your front door…

Where: Cincinnati Art Museum
What: “Family First Saturday”
When: April 7, 2012 1pm-4pm