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In order to receive all that God has for us is to step up, stretch our arms out, and snatch it up by faith.

Every bad situation contains some kind of good. It is either a blessing or a lesson. Although we may not always see it there is always a testimony at the end of the test. We must learn to plant the right seeds in our own lives and start holding negativity captive. Let us not forget that only the Most High can turn our mess into a powerful message. In most cases it turns out to be a message so powerful that it will assist in bringing out the deliverance of another Kingdom brother or sister.

The word of God tells us to not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not (Galatians 6:9). If God said it then we must believe it. Life is life…and life will bring struggles, life will bring doubt, life will bring hopelessness, life will make you want to give up. Knowing and understanding the Word of God makes you a powerful weapon, knowing and having a personal relationship with the Author takes your power to a level that will help in holding negativity captive when it tries to creep in.

There are days when our belief and faith in the Word and the promises of God will seem completely wiped away, on those days we must not forget to ask God to hold our “giving up” captive. On those days we must remember to speak the Word of God back into our lives, back into our circumstances, back into our spirits.

Personal Message from J’LaQueenia
My personal prayer to God when life has a miserable grip on me is:
Lord I believe in you….I know you have kept me but there are days/times when I just do not believe. My prayer right now is that you meet me where I am at, because I am not where I need to be. Help me to believe in the areas where I lack belief, strengthen me in the areas I am weak. Lift me in the areas I feel broken, guide me in the areas where I am confused. Make me your jar of clay Father; mold me into all that you purposed for me to be. In Jesus Name I pray these things….AMEN!



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