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I write Joy I write Pain I write Stress I write Success I write Love I write Hate I write Public I write Personal I write Me…. Studies have shown that writing about life, our experiences and our inner most thoughts and feelings have significant benefits which can positively affect our emotional and physical health.

The art of writing is a highly criticized area; we all have our favorite poets, authors, journalist and bloggers. With the rise of social media, the opportunity to share through the medium of words has become very attainable for everyone. Well isn’t that nice and horrible at the same time! Sometimes I wonder what this will lead to in the future as we all search for and use words to say what we mean and actually have the reader take it as such. With the rise of technology, many of those who previously kept their words in personal journals, now have the opportunity to share their innermost thoughts with the world. Through the venues of blogs and DIY websites, your voice can be readily heard and read.

Dennis M. Stanfield was born on a spring day in April in Detroit, Michigan. His father, Dennis Sr. was born and raised in Detroit and his mother, L’Tanya was born in Mansfield, Ohio and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. They met going to college in Ohio and the rest is history. The family stayed in Detroit for a while, then moved to Cleveland, Ohio around the time Dennis was three.

Growing up, writing was never an interest for Dennis. In fact, he hated English. However, in 2006, a seed was sown in the form of fun wordplay, has grown and is continuously producing in the form poetry. Now, a published poet, Dennis is working on his fifth solo poetry book. Along with these accomplishments, he has collaborated on a book with 3 of his closet friends. Inspired by life, and the many things that make it, his poetry flows like air, serving as a venue for expression and a living release! From music to politics, personal growth to shaping experiences or translations of how he relates to things, which is seemingly expanding with age, Dennis continues to let a word or sentence bloom into a poetic field. His repertoire includes books A Walk Through My Mind (2007), Journey (2008), Created to Love (2010), By Way of Cleveland (2010), and Reality Dreaming (2011). Driven by the freeing effects of writing and the hope that his words are enjoyable and touching to others makes writing more than worth it to him. So what happens to a deferred dream? Dennis wouldn’t know, as a fan Langston Hughes, Gill Scott, and Stevie Wonder, he is working to find and develop his own voice and style, honing in on his craft! Check him out at denpoet.wordpress.com and dennismarc.webs.com