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Irene Wade, InHerSpace


Industry: Productions/Podcasting Media, Blogger

Business Name: Charlestopher and Company Productions-In Her Space Podcast

What is it that you do: We offer a weekly podcast that provides a platform for individuals to share their experiences, their business/ministry events, community issues and other information that benefit our listeners. Our guests share their real-life experiences and offers our listeners inspiration and motivation. From professional development to community issues, we touch a wide variety of topics.  In Her Space is an inspiration source for faith and spirituality, health, motherhood, love and relationships, professional development, community and just life!

Why this business/ profession: To provide value to and impact the lives of others in a positive and effective way.  If one person can be inspired to pursue their dreams, goals, or calling then I have succeeded!

What is it about you that embodies Ambition: One of my favorite songs is from Beyonce’s Lemonade Album called “Freedom”. In it is a lyric that says “Imma keep running ‘cause a winner never quit on themselves”. Life has taught me that my circumstances may not be ideal but never let them define me. I am who God called me to be and I can’t stop until I see it fulfilled in my life.

Struggles you’ve experienced:  I am new to the business and getting started is not easy, I am learning, researching, and applying effective method strategies. Above all else I have found that I have to trust the process. That everything will work out for my good if I stay consistent and believe.

Success you’ve encountered: I am so grateful for all the positive people in my life who have given words of encouragement, business advice, and support. The support of people who believe in my vision along with my faith has allowed me grow and I am looking forward to the future!

What do you need to push your business forward: Support! Support! Support! In all capacities. I am currently seeking blog contributors who want to have a space to share their creativity! If you feel led to support financially please reach out! All support is appreciated!

Website: www.inherspace.com
Instagram: InHerSpaceIDW

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