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It’s been a year


It has been one full year since the tragic death/ murder of the young Trayvon Martin! Where are you with this situation today?
Are you still as fired up as you were one year ago?
Did you forget?

In honor of the 1 year anniversary of his death many throughout the nation, slid on the hoodies in remembrance. That which was a fine tribute, as it filled the social media airways reminding all of us that the fight is not over. In many of our cities the problems still exist and in some they are worse. As things worsen I have seen everything from taking away the LEGAL right to bear arms to HURRY up and move to fix this situation. Neither of which is the answer.

Tell me something! If you move out of a city does that save the next man’s life? Obviously the answer to that question is no because people still are dying and being killed. Does restricting people from being about to legal purchase a weapon keep people from buying weapons? No we have tons of illegal/ unregistered guns moving around our streets.

The only way that any of the violence in our cities is going to end is when we have a community structure that is built to stand up against the violence and work to end the violence. We need to work on our communities in many ways. It’s not just about drugs and prejudice. We are talking about a full circle plan to renew our communities. Cities taking pride in the city and truly cleaning the streets, there are people who are being paid to do that so put them to work. Communities supporting those who are trying to bring positive change! Supporting our local businesses so that they are able to bring in the revenue to be able to hire the next person.

Living through the basic understanding of not constantly judging one another. I disagree with people all the time as I did above. I don’t believe that those things will fix our problem but I do respect those individuals for at least attempting to come up with a solution. In turn they may not agree with my idea of what we need to change. These are disagreements not judgments! I say that because as humans we can disagree, and we will but we need to begin to respect one another and our differing opinions.

I have vented long enough!!! In honor of Trayvon losing his life, make it a point to change something in yourself to help change our communities! Maybe if the person who took his life would have done that we wouldn’t be remembering him but instead his family would be able to enjoy him!


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