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“It’s the Little Things That Make a Difference!”

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How ironic: My workplace just sent out a dress code letter the other day because of the very casual way people have been dressing lately on the job. As a matter of fact, as I was coming into work, I saw two women walking into the building dressed in t-shirts, shorts and flip flops. I was surprised but thought, “Maybe they have a picnic today or a golf day.” Interesting enough by the afternoon the letter was sent to all of us.

With that in mind, let’s go over the top ten things professionals should wear to work. I know it is hot outside and in some offices hot inside, but that does not mean we can dress like we are running errands instead of being at work all day.

Keep these thoughts in mind:

Your Image Tells The World How To Treat You And How You Treat Yourself!

When you look great, you’ll feel great and people will notice and will treat you with respect. ~Grace and Charm Insights (c) 2012

Fully 95 percent of the first impression you make will be determined by your clothes. This is because your clothes cover fully 95 percent of your body, even on a hot day. – Brian Tracy

“A $300 suit and $150 shoes are not required to get a job, a professional look is. Whereas suit if you have one, otherwise where clean matching irons clothes, think Sunday best not after five.
Image: It’s the Little Things That Make a Difference!” – Andrea Foy

The essentials for men according to Gentlemen’s Quarterly are:

1. A Navy Suit
2. A Grey Solid Suit:
3. The Classic Navy Blazer:
4. A While Dress Shirt: 100% Cotton.
5. Khaki Trouser:
6. The Tie:
7. The Perfect Polo:
8. Brown Shoe: Shoes
9. Brown Belt: With silver buckle.
10. The Top Coat:


So it goes without saying but I will say it here:
• T-shirts
• Tennis shoes or flip-flops
• sagging pants
• jeans/cargo pants or shorts
• earrings
• dress shirt and slacks
• sports coat
• a belt and socks
• a tie is optional depending upon the position


The essentials for women according to Fashion for Dummies:

• Little black dress (LBD)
• Black blazer
• Crisp, white (cotton) button-down shirt
• Black trousers
• Knee-length black skirt
• Classic beige trench coat
• Black leather bag
• Quality blue jeans
• Pair of black pumps
• White and black cardigan sweaters
• Set of pearls
• Diamond studs . . . or cubics!

Wardrobe Staples Women Must Have among Their Clothing Items by Jill Martin and Pierre A. Lehu from Fashion for Dummies


• Stiletto heels, open-toes shoes or flip flops
• Skirts that hit above the knee
• Open or low cut blouses
• Flashy or noisy jewelry
• Wearing more than one pair of earrings
• Shorts

• pants
• skirts to the knee
• sweaters
• polos
• button down shirts

Keep this thought in mind as well:

People judge you in the first four seconds. They will then grant you approximately thirty seconds more before they make a final decision and store this judgment away in their subconscious mind. After that it is very hard for a person to change his or her first impression of you. And you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. – Brian Tracy

Andrea Foy Consulting (AFC, LLC) is a personal and professional development company design to provide a unique program of professional development keynotes, seminars and workshops for individuals, businesses, and corporations. She is also a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach, and Teacher, Author, Image Consultant and TV Show host. Visit her website at www.andreafoy.com.

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