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Journey to Healthy Beautiful Hair


How healthy is your hair?

The ability to maintain a healthy scalp gives you flawless beautiful hair. Basic care is important to our hair and scalp needs. Shampooing and conditioning helps keep the hair and scalp clean. Choosing the right products for the health of your hair is very important. Using shampoo outside of the pH scale can cause harm to your hair and scalp. I can make your scalp become dry and cause breakage. Always take the time to read product labels on the back of hair care products you desire to purchase. The pH in shampoo stands for balance and it means it’s in the middle of the pH scale. It’s best to buy and use quality shampoo and conditioner, even if they are costly. Remember that most shampoos contain ammonium and laurel sulfate, which can cause dryness and breakage of the hair. Other shampoos can contain specific silicon which can also destroy your hair. The secret is to not over shampoo your hair, it is not necessary to wash your hair daily. Washing three to four times a week with mild shampoo will do, but do not over use conditioners as they may damage your hair and cause split ends. Twice a week of shampooing and conditioning is great.

As stated above, washing your hair three to four days a week is sufficient for those who may have problems with oil productions on the scalp. Always remember before you wash your hair comb your hair to avoid tangle and matting, that way when the hair is wet after the wash it will be easy to comb through without unnecessary pulling. The best type of comb to use on wet hair is a wide tooth comb. Do not brush wet hair!

Identifying your hair and scalp conditions…
If you are experiencing dryness of the scalp and hair, it may come from deficiency of natural oils on the scalp. To prevent scalp dryness you must treat dry scalp and hair by using pH balanced shampoo and a good moisturizer to help soften the hair. This will make it easier to maintain your everyday style and manage “new growth”. Weak hair is caused by poor conditioning, it combines issues of the hair being damaged and excessive split ends. Hair must be properly conditioned in order to stay strong because it is made up of proteins and needs softness. A ‘deep penetrating conditioner with moisturizer’ helps weak hair conditions.

Treating your split ends is easy but may be frustrating to most people, as a stylist I have had clients who never wanted to cut there ends. So as I continued to learn how to manage hair and educate my clients, I learned that split ends can be treated by using a moisturizer daily, apply it to the ends to prevent further damage.

If you are willing to improve the elasticity of your hair, consult with a hair professional or your personal stylist, Trichology experts and technicians are very helpful to maintain healthy hair growth. Let’s start being healthy and put the stop to breakage and damage to our hair .For more information on any question you may have you can email her at Ladyt44@yahoo.com.