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Keinda West


Let your light shine

Keinda West, Daytonian and Ohio University alum, currently resides in New York. In the Big Apple, she works full-time and operates two businesses. I took some time to speak with Keinda on her current ventures and to find out what she is bringing to the Ambition readers.

It’s web design done right

Ambition Magazine: Keinda what are the businesses of which you are involved in?
Keinda West: I have Soleil Accessories Boutique, which is a solo project and Illuvation, LLC which is myself, Ralph Sylvain, and Dwayne O’Neil.
AM: Taking your ventures one at a time, when was Illuvation, LLC founded?
KW: January 1, 2010 and then we actually launched the business June 2010.
AM: What inspired the founding of Illuvation?
KW: Both of my partners have Computer Science degrees, and wanted to do custom designs. I joined in as a designer.
AM: What are some of the struggles that you experience?
KW: You can find a web designer anywhere. We really have to educate the population on the need and benefit to go with a unique custom website.
AM: What is easy and fun?
KW: This is still a challenging process and field. The fun part is that no website is the same and the creating of fresh ideas.
AM: Do you and your partners in Illuvation, LLC have any goals for the future and expansion?
KW: We would like to move into apps & mobile sites. We actually have one app that is already available.

AM: Cool, Cool! I can see that the connection between the two businesses is your creativity. Now let’s take a look into your solo venture. When was Soleil founded?
KW: Soleil was founded on 11.11.11 and the official launch of the website was 12.05.11.
AM: What inspired the start of Soleil Accessories Boutique?
KW: I had been making jewelry for myself for years and really enjoyed it.
AM: What were some of the struggles that you face with this business?
KW: Design! I have a mix between resale and custom pieces. Finding those different pieces to create can present a problem. Finding clients and marketing as well, I am not well linked in my current area.
AM: What do you find easy and enjoyable?
KW: The ease began with me not having to consult with anyone. In terms of the fun I enjoy the whole creative process from just looking at people and their pieces to creating a new piece.
AM: What are your goals for the future and expansion?
KW: I would like to get into some tradeshows and flea markets in the area. Eventually selling my pieces into boutiques and store fronts.
AM: Do you have any advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs?
KW: Think big!!
Go after it!
If you don’t have the capital to start, be realistic.
Keep moving forward.
Take advantage of organizations like SCORE!

Website: www.soleilaccessories.com Coming Soon!
Email: kwest@soleilaccessories.com
Facebook: SoleilAB

Website: www.illuvation.com
Email: info@illuvation.com
Facebook: illuvation


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